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Congratulations to Vivien Holmes, Alex Knight, Liz Keogh, Anne Macduff, Aliya Steed, Don Rothwell and Chris Trevitt, for securing the Vice-Chancellor's $10,000 teaching enhancement grants, making the College the recipient of the largest number of grants.

Vivien Holmes and Alex Knight will work on a project, 'Learning to Voice your Values', which builds Mary Gentile's ‘Giving Voice to Values’ curriculum. It aims to help individuals learn to recognise, clarify, speak and act on their values when conflicts arise.

It will involve producing videos of scenarios (based on legal ethics cases and issues in legal practice), which involve a value conflict/ ethical dilemma.

The videos will be used in the GDLP's online Professional Practice Core Course to 'set a scene' requiring a response: students will themselves prescript how they could ‘speak’ their values in the situation portrayed and then practise doing so in a web-conference with their mentor and colleagues, who will provide feedback.

Liz Keogh, Anne Macduff and Aliya Steed's funding is for a project entitled 'Embracing the Affective Domain: Teaching Law Students to Deal with Emotion through Authentic Learning Experiences'.

This project will enable the creation of multi-media resources to be used in the GDLP Family Law Practice course, which are designed to expose students to the affective dimension of family law practice.

These resources will be used, in combination with online interactions with mock clients, to assist students in developing the skills required to communicate effectively with highly emotional clients. They will also assist students in developing the ability to notice and reflect upon their own emotional responses to their clients.

Anne Macduff, Don Rothwell and Chris Trevitt will work on a project entitled 'Developing a more distinctive Capstone Experience for JD Students'. It pursues the capstone idea which will have important development implications for the Juris Doctor program and beyond.

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