From refugee to PhD: Veronica's inspiring journey

Professor Rubenstein begins Trailblazing Women Lawyers pilot in Israel

Inspiring Women of ANU: Professor Pauline Ridge speaks on ‘The financing of religion’

‘For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.’ 1 Timothy 6:10 (NIV Bible) The association of religion with wealth-generation can provoke strong feelings. Yet, as with other not for profit entities, it is legitimate and necessary for religious groups to fund their religious activities. An exploration of the legal questions raised by the financing of religion reveals universal themes concerning the right to freedom of religion and legal neutrality.

Jamila Rizvi in conversation with Daryl Karp on Jamila's new book 'Not just lucky. Why women do the work but don't take the credit'


"Young women know the glass ceiling exists but nobody told them there is one on every floor of the building - and it's double-glazed". - Jamila Rizvi.

Women in Commercial Law Forum

Careers in commercial law – whether in legal practice, business, government or academia – can be rewarding, intellectually challenging and exciting. Many ANU Law graduates go on to have highly successful commercial law careers. But how many are women? And what particular challenges do women face in this competitive and, historically, male-dominated area of law? The Women in Commercial Law Forum presents four ANU Law alumni, each a leader in her field, speaking candidly about the rewards and the challenges of working as women in the area of commercial law.

Reporting of workplace sexual harassment must be the new normal

The 'Photoshop laws' and women's body image

Images of extraordinarily thin women are everywhere. When women see these images, their self-esteem may consequently lower, and potentially develop into an eating disorder. Governments internationally have taken action as a result. In particular, the Israeli and French Governments passed ‘Photoshop Laws’. The ‘Photoshop Laws’ require models to have a minimum BMI in order to work, and if an image is photoshopped, it must state that it has been edited.

Sexual intimacy, gender identity and fraud: A conversation

In recent years, the UK has witnessed a series of sexual offence prosecutions brought against young LGBT people (all of whom were designated female at birth) on the basis of so-called ‘gender fraud’ (R v Gemma Barker [2012] unrep; R v Chris Wilson [2013] unrep; R v Justine McNally [2013] EWCA Crim 1051; R v Gayle Newland [2015] unrep; R v Kyran Lee (Mason) [2015] unrep; R v Jason Staines [2016] unrep).

Much left to do to ensure gender equity in Australia, says ANU Law alumna

Women feel like intruders – new book reveals extent of sexual harassment in the rural workplace


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