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The ANU College of Law offers a range of clinical courses and internship opportunities to allow current Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Juris Doctor students to gain professional experience during their legal education. Clinical courses and internships allow you to put your legal knowledge into practice and experience the law in action.

Clinical courses »

Clinical courses allow you to engage with real clients, real problems and real deadlines in a real-world environment. Clinical placements may be undertaken in a community agency, community legal centre or non-government organisation where you will get the opportunity to explore law reform and social justice issues relevant to that field of practice.


Internships are available within a variety of organisations, government agencies and non-government organisations in Australia, Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.


Law Internship course »

Location: Various (Australia and overseas)

Length of placement: Up to 12 weeks

The Law Internship course (LAWS4230/LAWS6230) offers students an unparalleled opportunity to put their learning into action and carry out a law-based research project in a legal professional workplace. Students can also arrange their own internship with a suitable organisation and professional supervisor.


Asia Business Law Internship Grants »

Location: Various Asian locations

Length of placement: 4 weeks to 2-3 months

The Asia Grant Internships offer students an opportunity to put their commercial and corporate law learning into action and carry out research in a legal professional workplace.


ANU Law World Bank Group's Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) Special Litigation Unit »

Location: Washington DC

Length of placement: 6 months

Financial support: ANU Law World Bank Scholarship

The ANU Law World Bank internship offers a current ANU Bachelor of Laws (Honours) or ANU Juris Doctor student the opportunity to undertake a six-month work placement in the INT's Special Litigation Unit in Washington. INT's Special Litigation Unit follows an innovative approach that transforms Common and Civil Law prosecutorial functions into an administrative and public international law setting.


Aurora Internship »

Location: Various (Australia-wide)

Length of placement: 4-6 weeks

Financial support: Commonwealth scholarships are available for indigenous interns

The Aurora Internship contributes to capacity building for Indigenous and Indigenous-sector organisations by placing students and graduates at Indigenous sector organisations involved in native title, land rights, justice, policy and community development, health, social welfare and research, Australia wide.


Australian National Internship Programs (ANIP) »

Location: Various

Length of placement: Varies depending on placement

Financial support: ANIP Travel Grant

The Australian National Internships Program (ANIP) provides undergraduate and postgraduate students an opportunity to work at the heart of Australian policy and politics. The elite program arranges research-orientated internships at the Australian Federal Parliament, the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, in the public service or non-government organisations.

  • Course credit: Students in a single LLB(Hons) degree may count the ANIP internship as either a law elective (LAWS4311/LAWS6311) or a non-law elective depending on the scope of the internship undertaken. Students in a FDD Law may count the ANIP internship as part of their law degree (LAWS4311/LAWS6311) or their non-law degree, depending on the scope of the internship undertaken. 

BABSEACLEA Internship »

Location(s): Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines

BABSEACLEA is an Australian registered non-profit legal education and access to justice organisation established to further strengthen legal education and access to justice collaborations. The BABSEACLEA Internship helps to develop and support Community and Clinical Legal Education programmes in the Southeast Asian region.


Constitutional law internship »

Location: Canberra

Length of placement: 10 weeks

Financial support: Leslie Zines Constitutional Law Scholarship

A supervised 10-week internship in the field of constitutional law in the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department or the Australian Government Solicitor.


International Court of Justice Traineeship »

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Length of placement: 9 months

Financial support: Yuill Scholarship to Support the International Court of Justice Traineeship Program

The International Court of Justice Traineeship offers a final year student or recent graduate of the ANU College of Law the opportunity to undertake a 9-month traineeship working as an associate to a judge of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.


Legal Internship, International Bar Association in London »

Location: London

Length of placement: 12 weeks

Financial support: Legal internship in London Scholarship

A rare opportunity for one student to undertake a Legal Internship at the International Bar Association in London. The aim of the internship is to provide realistic, high-level and varied legal work experience through a supervised internship.


North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA)

Location: Northern Territory

NAAJA is able to offer volunteer and intern placements to law students and graduates looking to gain paralegal experience in our Criminal, Civil and Law & Justice Projects Teams and in office locations across the Territory.

Interns must commit to a volunteer placement of at least one month with NAAJA as the organisation takes the view that a shorter period does not allow enough time for interns to gain useful experience and contribute meaningfully to the work of NAAJA.

In the criminal section, volunteers are exposed to a busy practice and will work with dedicated and experiences lawyers across a diverse range of matters including in the Local Court, Supreme Court and with bush Courts.

Working with the civil section will expose volunteers to a wide variety of work including housing, statutory compensation schemes, child protection, welfare rights, police and healthcare complaints and adult guardianship.

In the Law & Justice projects section NAAJA is involved in a range of innovative justice programs including the Bilata Legal Pathways Program, the Student Court, Community Legal Education, and support for Cultural Authorities (Elder groups) in communities and in the preparation of law and policy submissions.

To apply please see the link:

Permanent Court of Arbitration Fellowship »

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Length of placement: 12 months

Financial support: Frohlich Scholarship to Support the Permanent Court of Arbitration Fellowship

The Permanent Court of Arbitration Fellowship offers a final year student or recent graduate of the ANU College of Law the opportunity to undertake a 12-month Fellowship working as an associate to a judge of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, Netherlands.


Regional, Rural, Remote (RRR) Legal Practice Experience »

Location: Regional, rural and remote areas of Australia

Length of placement: 20, 50 or 80 day placement

Financial support: RRR Financial Assistance

The ANU School of Legal Practice is the first and only Practical Legal Training program in Australia contributing towards addressing the significant need for lawyers in RRR locations by assisting students undertaking RRR legal experience.

  • Course credit: Up to 12 units towards the Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice


The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) Law Professional Practicum (LPP) »

Location: Jakarta

Length of placement: 4 weeks

Financial support: New Colombo mobility grants are available

The ACICIS’ Law Professional Practicum Program is a six-week study program, undertaken in Jakarta. The Program consists two weeks of intensive Indonesian language instruction and English language lectures by local legal practitioners and experts in the field of law, followed by a four-week supervised practicum placement with a local or international legal firm, government authority or non-government organisation (NGO).


Washington Internship, US Congress »

Location: Washington DC

Length of placement: 7 weeks

The Washington Internship Program offers ANU students a unique opportunity to experience political life in Washington DC by working in the offices of Members of Congress or on the staff of Congressional committees.

  • Course credit: ANU Law students may count the internship as one of their non-law electives, or as part of their other degree in a Flexible Double Degree

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